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B&B Italia

自1966年的基金以来,B&B Italia一直是当代家具领域的领导者。该公司赢得了作为意大利家具设计的代表的国际赞誉,包括家庭(民宿Italia家庭部门)和公共区域(B&B Italia合同部门)。本集团总部位于米兰以北,位于米兰以北,由Renzo Piano和Richard Rogers.B&B Italia的家具系列源于该集团代表当代文化的能力,并迅速应对从今天的不断发展的生活方式出现的新需求。这是由创造力,创新和生产的混合产生现代,永恒,家具的炼金术。

为此,B&B Italia与国际设计师合作,在每种产品上留下自己的独特标记:每种设计都是独一无二的,是研究价值观,创造力和功能的例子。研究的重要性,这始终是本集团发展的基本方面,在内部研发中心是明显的。The centre’s highly innovative nature has earned it several acknowledgements, including 4 “golden compasses” one of which, the most important one in 1989, for “constant work towards integration with the aim of combining the values of scientific and technological research with those of a functional and expressive product”. Standing out for innovation, quality, service, design and prestige; B&B Italia has become member of Fondazione Altagamma, which brings together Italian companies of international renown that operate at the higher end of the market and that exude Italian culture and style in their company and product management activities.

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